Great Gordini Bash Guidelines



DAMAGE – 100% (Up from 80% last season).

TIRE WEAR – 2X (Up from default last season).

CARS – Stock standard R8 Gordini. No Upgrades! Coupe suspension and Rims only! Setups will be locked.

TEAMSPEAK – It is expected that all drivers will use TeamSpeak so racing incidents and instructions can be resolved at the time.

RESTARTS – There will be NO restarts unless requested while on the grid before the race starts. Once the race has started it is too late.

RE-ENTERING THE TRACK – You have no rights and must give way to all oncoming cars. You may gently merge but must not cut off oncoming cars. If you do cut off another car address the situation by letting them through within 1 lap. Use TeamSpeak if unsure to verify the situation, so you can do the right thing and redress any unfair advantage you may have attained.

CUTTING THE TRACK – Cars must not gain an advantage by cutting the track or driving on non track areas. You must not set a fast time, take a position or prevent your position from being taken by cutting the track.

NON CORRECT POSITIONAL GAIN – No positions should be gained by contact to other competitors resulting in their car spinning, being pushed off line or made to lose reasonable momentum.

If you do gain position you are to correct the situation within 1 lap.

Use TeamSpeak if unsure to verify the situation or just do the right thing and address the situation.


Firstly it is expected that the driver that has been the victim say so within 10 seconds even if you are not sure who hit you. It is expected that the suspected punter reply within 10 seconds. If after that it can’t be established who is in the right or wrong, race on, but face the stewards at the end of the race. It may pay if in doubt just to yield the position and then keep on racing. Incidents on lap 1 or 2 will be looked at more harshly as you have over half the race to try a clean pass.


You must establish half a car overlap before the car ahead starts to turn in. Once overlap has been established both drivers must give racing room of 1 to 1˝ car widths.

The driver on the outside is entitled to the outer part of the track and the inner driver to the inner part of the track. If you can’t see a car but suspect they are near, leave racing room anyway.


If behind an incident and you can clearly see what has happened give a quick reply to help out the other drivers.



If you are responsible for ending another driver’s race by knocking them off you must end your own race. You have no right to interfere with other drivers still racing. Failure to do so will result in a 10 point penalty and rear of grid for the next race. If it is the last race of the season then a further 5 points deduction will occur.

This is for clear racing incidents and not for people driving into other's accidents or cars that have been hit after losing momentum getting sideways.

In the end, use TeamSpeak if unsure about an incident to verify the situation, so you can do the right thing and redress any unfair advantage you may have attained.


If there is a need to review an incident after the race 3 non involved drivers will be asked to view the replay. The replay must be viewed from within each car involved and then by whatever camera views are needed to determine one of three things.

1. Just a racing incident.

2. Driver is innocent.

3. Driver is guilty.

The majority rules and the punishments must be set. No one else need comment on the incident.

Any driver failing to even acknowledge the incident -10 points and start rear of grid next race.

Any driver disputing but guilty – 5 points and start rear of grid.

Where it is the last race of the night rear of grid will be for race 1 of next meeting.

If it is the last race of the season then a further 5 points deduction will occur.



There is to be no flaming of other drivers. We can all get caught up in the heat of battle but to be cursing at others is only a put off for the league and never a turn on. We are here for fun. Also, with blind spots, Internet lag and other interferences it pays to look at replays from multiple angles before pointing the finger. I’m sure at sometime we have all contributed to our own downfall and didn’t realize until looking at a replay later on.



You must finish to score points.

1st - 25 9th - 8
2nd - 22 10th - 7
3rd - 19 11th - 6
4th - 16 12th - 5
5th - 14 13th - 4
6th - 12 14th - 3
7th - 10 15th - 2
8th - 9 16th - 1


1 Bonus point for qualifying 1st and 1 bonus point for the fastest lap of each race.


1. TeamSpeak should be up at 7.30PM for drivers to join.

2. The server should be open at 7.45PM (or once all drivers are present) for drivers to join.

3. Drivers should stay in the pits until qualifying. We will go to qualifying when all drivers in TeamSpeak are in the server.

4. We will now follow the race format below.

5. Drivers are also to stay in the pits during warm-up while grids are being set.

No driving around in the pits during practice or warm up sessions.

Entry onto the track must be via the pit exit lane.

RACE FORMAT (The usual)

30 minutes qualifying. (Bonus point for pole)

5 lap race (Bonus point for fastest lap)

Reverse the finishing positions.

5 lap race (Bonus point for fastest lap)

Reverse the finishing positions.

5 lap race (Bonus point for fastest lap)

10 Minute Break

New track and same format as above.


Special race formats may be required from time to time and shall be explained on the night.

Where there are problems with qualifying times the order of the grid shall be determined by current points rankings before that night's racing.



All drivers must run TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak Servers: or

No chat during last 2 minutes of qualifying until all cars have returned to the pits.

Once your last lap is over get off the track and no more practice.

Please no chat while grid is being set-up. Before and after okay but not during thank you.

During races, chat should be at a minimum and only about racing incidents.

We don’t want 2 drivers trying to sort out an incident but unable to hear because of non essential banter. Make comments short and sharp. Again let all drivers finish before continuing on with general chat or congratulations or whatever.

Drivers breaking the chat rules will be given a warning then repeat offenders will be penalized 5 points per race. Outright excessive chat 10 points per race.


Race in a courteous manner, leave racing room where required, address situations as required, have fun and hopefully we never need to use half of these rules. By racing in this league you have agreed to follow these guidelines. Some may seem excessive to some but for the racing and organizing to run as smooth as possible they must be followed. Thank you.