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Great Gordini News

Issue 5 - 2008

Jarama saw the return of Chris who swept everything clean, followed by Andy and then a good showing by DaneSir while the rest of us squabbled for minor points.

Pau, the tight and tricky street circuit, brought out the best in some drivers and exposed the weaknesses of others. Some great racing was had with many cars only millimeters from the walls. BigFella edged out Andy who took pole and every fastest lap point going, with Dex taking third despite it not being one of his favourite circuits. Some great nose-to-tail action took place with the occasional panel rub and apart from lap one, in turns 2 and 3, it was reasonably well handled.

The last stages of the Great Gordini Bash have seen greater turnouts which has been just great; more chances of racing someone even if you're having one of those races you would rather forget about.

The down side is the strain on the server and the increased potential for accidents.Unfortunately, warping and lag then become issues and the usual panel rubbing can become quite more than annoying, resulting in accidents.

We have adopted most of our guidelines from the old ASRG GPL rules because they made for fair, safe and smart racing, lessening accidents by following a few simple rules. In this case: Leave a cushion between cars to allow for lag issues.

We all enjoy close racing but not being punted from a good position to lagging way behind. This may happen from time to time but might be avoided if we all drive with some intelligence, a little consideration and patience if trying to pass. Thus we can continue racing hard without incidents that may have been easily avoided.

The last round's replay also showed a number of people ramming, and I do mean ramming, other people from behind. Through the first few corners of the first lap this can be contributed to cold tires and brakes but is in fact caused by bad driving. I’m sure we have all done it. In practice/quaifying if you leave the pits hard and push on your exit laps it will give you an idea of the different braking distances and how the tires may react at the start of the race. At the first corner, approach speed is likely to be down but so is brake performance and tire grip, meaning you may need to brake at a different point.

It isn’t only where you know you can brake but where the car in front is braking. Cars ahead have the right to take whatever line they like and brake where they like; of course avoiding weaving and brake-testing people. It is the car behind's responsibility to make sure there is no contact.

However not all accidents are on the first lap or caused by cold tires and brakes. Don’t just dive in the first ½ opening you see. Study the driver, allow for different braking points, look for a weakness and when there is a good opportunity then go for the pass.

With the recent increase in incidents it might pay us all to glance over the guidelines so we know what is expected in the way of driving standards, right-of-way, etc. Also have a look with the view that you may have to judge a protest and need to know the rules and penalties at question in a dispute.


Issue 6 Preview:

Results of Stage 7 with Great Gordini Bash '08 NEWS from various sources.

Watch this space!

Great Gordini News

Issue 4 - 2008

Mid year and mid season and how time flies when you drive a Gordini! A good list for the role call but never can we get everyone to attend. However we have always had decent fields. The racing has been fun and fair for the better part and only once have we gone to the video tape. So what are the real headlines?


Yes it seemed we had lost Fulch last season who was reported to be off sniffing the flowers in the wilderness but now motivated again he has arrived. Fulch is back into various racing leagues and is driving plenty which now really shows. Gateway, Aintree and Lime Rock Park all giving Fulch 66 points as he starts his hunt for the leaders. Not only on the points table but on the track Fulch has been mixing it up with the best. Itís great to have Fulch back and will be interesting tracking his hunt for the leaders.


Where have all the Kiwiís gone? While partying with the pit babes it appears they missed the last round as they forgot about renewing their VISAs. Thatís okay more pit babes for us. No Chris has had a horror run with connection issues which we hope can soon be resolved. Itís been great having the Kiwi boys along and we hope to see them on track soon in their black cars.


It was great to have Andy back for the last round. Straight out the pits and onto pole for both rounds. Despite 2 DNFís on the night Andy still pulled a handy 91 points and as his car's logo says heíll be mowing down the competition.


As drivers we seem to be in three groups. The super fast, the average and the rookies. Reverse grids have seen a few surprise winners and some great battles with the slower of us fighting to hold out the quicker. We have also seen the fastest from time to time fall by the way side when it was all there for the taking. Itís great to see drivers develop and some really shine at certain tracks while others struggle. Equal cars, equal rights and equal opportunities but what we do with those opportunities is the difference between being a race winner, a contender or an also ran but to do it in the spirit of The Great Gordini Bash is the main thing. Be a winner off the track as well as a winner on the track.


From time to time we will strike difficulty but I think the hosting has gone well this season after a few initial scares. File problems have been sorted and fixed in a timely fashion and once the nights have started they have run quite smoothly so thanks there Dex. Iím sure we all appreciate it.


Andy took pole at Aintree and even though having an off still managed to fight through for two wins. The first turn wall, the second turn through the gate and the right/left final section all claimed victims. There were some great slipstreaming battles and Dex did the high jump over the fence. Fulch had consistent seconds each race while BigFella seemed to have little luck. DaneSir made the most of the reversed grid and went on to claim the other win.

Limerock Park is a totally different track being short, elevated and harder to pass on but what battles it provided. Andy again took pole and this time only one win. BigFella took a win and seemed to be in a constant fight with Dex who lifted to the challenge.


 The last race saw Andy and Brett get away quickly but Andy spun and Brett was slowed allowing Dex to first take advantage quickly followed by Fulch and then a little later on passed by BigFella who had great speed after the big up hill sweeper. Dex and BigFella fought hard and ran side by side for ages 'til Dex in front made an error and took both of them out.

Fulch, holding a good lead to Brett after that, spun it exiting the last corner with a lap to go giving the final win to Brett. Fulch was again consistent with three seconds.

The highlight was the Dex/BigFella battles.

Great Gordini News

Issue 3 - 2008


Howdy gents! Itís time again for another lot of news from the 2008 Great Gordini Bash.


Chris came and once again took pole.
Race One saw Brett get away fast with BigFella and Chris arguing over 2nd.

BigFella and Chris came together shooting Chris across the infield but Chris was able to recover to find himself in last but still in contact with the pack. Just after that Chrisí Gordini struck electrical problems (disconnected) and it was race over. Very frustrating and unfortunately a continuing problem but it is a long season and maybe Chris could get things right for a big fight back.

Lap two Brett ran off under brakes and went from 1st to 6th in the blink of an eye.

Leon DNFís with Chris while BigFella takes 1st, followed by Dex and Fulch.

Race Two saw Brett get away fast and be slowly hunted down by Fulch and BigFella with Leon in tow.

Nearing the end of lap three Big Fella lost it at high speed and Leon ran wide sending Leon back one position to 5th while BigFella went back 3 positions to 6th.

Brett looked to have it won until Fulch had a great run and put his Gordini up next to Brett. They  ran side by side through a few corners with Fulch coming out in front. All race Dex had been making time and was also now looking to knock Brett off. Nearing the end of the lap Dex pressured Brett and Brett pressured Fulch but no one could just find that little extra to make the move with Fulch taking the win from Brett and then Dex. Fulch flew on the last lap but even quicker was Dex.

Race Three saw DaneSir and Mudd303 leading the way until running wide on lap one. Also in trouble on lap one was Leon. BigFella lead with Dex putting on the pressure until running wide on lap two losing valuable distance to BigFella but being able to defend second from Brett by placing his car well after re-entry to the track. Dex pushed hard and began to pressure BigFella again but on lap 4 ran wide and spun in the same spot as lap two allowing Brett and Fulch, who are having a good battle, through. The field was well spaced now except for the Brett/Fulch battle. Last lap and Fulch made his move passing Brett in the same place as race one. BigFella won followed by Fulch and then Brett.

Another round win for BigFella but Fulch was there pushing all the way and finished only one point behind.



BigFella put out the may-day call when his transporter suffered a breakdown but unfortunately it just never made it to the track. Neither of the fastest guys race, leaving it to be a good squabble between the rest of the field. If you're claustrophobic then you're at the wrong track! It's narrow and surrounded by concrete although weather's a sunny 23 degrees and perfect for DaneSir to take his first pole.

Race One and all got away well. DaneSir lead until after exiting from under the arch but ran wide onto the back straight just catching the tires on the outside which caused him to spin and the field to whiz by.

Fulch lead with Brett on his tail leaving a small gap to Dex who was desperately defending his position from Mudd303 who was also being attacked by Leon.

At the end of the second straight Brett dived up the inside of Fulch and did a block pass by positioning his car well. Fulch, not able to turn in and accelerate when he wanted to, yielded the position.

Dex and Mudd303 were banging panels and at the end of the 2nd straight it looked like Mudd303 had the position but Dex ran extra deep under brakes, used a little of the run-off and held the position.

Lap two and the field was closely but evenly spaced with Leon trying to find a way around Mudd303 who was still looking at Dex. Brett found a small gap as an attempted pass by Fulch caused him to lose momentum. Fulch then ran a tad wide and caught the tires at the exit of the 1st straight allowing Dex to get a run and to go past.

Leon continued to try to pass Mudd303 while DaneSir was putting in some fast laps to try catch the pack again.

By lap four there were two packs: Brett, Dex and Fulch and a little further back Mudd303, Leon and DaneSir who was on the attack. No one seemed to be able to find a way past and we all began the final lap with the first three nose to tail.

Brett and Dex ran wide on turn one and glanced off the wall while Fulch tried to pass. Dex and Fulch came together in turn two as did Brett and Dex under the arch in turn 3.

(Trois Riviere Continued)

Onto the first straight and the order remained unchanged.

At the end of the second straight Dex made a dive up the inside of Brett and contact occurred pushing Brett onto the runoff area and Dex was through. Brett was under attack from Fulch now and Dex did the right thing and addressed the situation. Dex did it well as Fulch tried to take advantage but Dexís car was always in the right position.

The race ended with Brett taking the chequered flag ahead of Dex and Fulch. The other positions didnít change and it may seem from start to finish not much did changed but there was some really tough and hard but clean racing.

Race Two and from sixth on the grid Brett got off to a flyer. He was third into the first corner by making a good move up the inside of Fulch who immediately swapped sides to challenge into turn two. Brett held his line on the inside but Fulchís car positioning made sure Brett was not at full speed coming out of the corner and Mudd303 took advantage, passing Brett before turn three under the arch. Exiting turn three Brett glanced off the wall and Dex took advantage, putting Brett back where he started.

The order was now DaneSir, Leon, Fulch, Mudd303, Dex and then Brett.

At the end of the first straight Fulch challenged Leon but Leon held him out. Brett had a run on Dex onto the second straight and passed him. Dex then
ran later on the brakes and re-passed Brett while running off onto the extra run off area but kept his foot down hard. Fulch challenged Leon again at the short shoot after the second straight and they an side by side until the last bend where Leon retained his position.

Lap two and the order was DaneSir, Leon, Fulch, Mudd303, Dex and Brett. DaneSir pulled a slight gap as the rest of the field battled for position. Exiting the turn at the end of the second straight Mudd303 spun and was narrowly avoided by Dex. Fulch had another go at Leon in the same spot as last lap and despite getting into a bit of a tank slapper he was through!

At the start of the third lap DaneSir had a good lead over Fulch, Leon and Dex with Brett and Mudd303 evenly spaced out a little behind. By lap 4 Fulch had pulled Leon and Dex onto the rear of DaneSir and pressure was applied.

Last lap and the battle raged on with any small gaps being looked at to try a pass. At the end of the second straight Dex tapped Leon and they both spun but recovered in the same positions. Now Dex is under attack from Brett who got alongside on a few corners but Dexís car was positioned well and Brett couldnít make the pass. DaneSir took the win with Fulch 2nd and Leon 3rd.

Race Three and all were away well until DaneSir had a spin, hit the wall and then continued on to join the back of the field. The order was Brett, Mudd303, Leon, Dex, Fulch and then DaneSir. The first lap saw the field holding station and nothing much happened but things were about to warm up! Dex was looking at passing Leon but then got a slow run onto the first straight allowing Fulch to pull alongside but Dex held out under brakes and kept his position. At the end of the second straight Mudd303 had a moment and hit the wall. He went from second to fourth with Dex also hitting Leon and then heading towards the wall which he narrowly avoided.

Start of lap three and the order was Brett, Leon, Fulch, Mudd303, Dex and DaneSir. Into turn one and Dex was side by side with Mudd303. The two touched as Mudd303 ran wide. Just ahead Leon spun and the field scattered but Dex had nowhere to go. DaneSir took advantage as did Mudd303 and the order was now Brett, Fulch, Mudd303, DaneSir, Dex and then Leon. At the end of the first straight Dex made a good move up the inside of DaneSir. The two ran side by side down the second straight until DaneSir was ahead again but Dex moved up the inside again and this time pulled off the move. Dex attacked Mudd303 next and the two were banging panels while DaneSir was looking closely for any advantage.

Lap four and this time Dex ran around the outside of Mudd303 and they made contact once again. Dex was through and DaneSir missed out when he hit the back of Mudd303.

Meanwhile Leon pulled into the pits and retired while Brett and Fulch had skipped away. At the end of the second straight Fulch had a look up the inside of Brett and the two touched but Fulch backed out of it and they continued on with a lap to go.  At the end of the 1st straight Fulch got a better exit and they ran side by side. Brett got the advantage back but was once again a little slower out of the corner at the end of the second straight. Fulch was alongside and held the line for the next corner. Fulch was through to the lead and Brett tried an over/under maneuver but didnít have enough straight to pull it off. Fulch took the win followed by Brett and then Dex after Mudd303 spun while chasing, letting DaneSir through.

The racing was very hard but fair and talk about action! Fulch had his first round win for the season with Brett second and only one point separating Dex and a speedy DaneSir who just seemed to have luck against him.



Hope you all enjoy the new leader board but it isnít all about the leaders and there is a long way to go so I expect much shall still change. While BigFella and Brett are off to a good start there seems to be a good battle going on not so far behind. Dex, Fulch and Mudd303 are pretty close with DaneSir and Chris not far behind. If Chris gets his disconnect problems sorted I expect he will make a dash towards the front. Leon is in a little no mans land while AlexK, Elpronto and Reggie are just starting their journeys. Andy is still in the pits and hasnít been sighted at the track yet. Good luck all and I hope this adds a little to the understanding of where we all stand.

Missing rounds, breakdowns and just bad luck are sure to play a part and already make the structure of the leader board what it is today.

BamZZ                                                               Great Gordini News 2008 Issue 3

Great Gordini News

Issue 2 - 2008

ROUNDS 3 & 4

First we took off to Mallory Park which seems a great little circuit for the Gordiniís.

Chris took the first point of the night and pole position. Chris didnít stop there and almost clean swept the round taking all fastest laps and only missing the win for Race Two which went to Brett.

Many drivers had mixed results and DaneSir who started off shakily managed a good 2nd in the last race.

Cadwell was a different kettle of fish being a largish track and very undulating. Once again Chris took pole and every fastest lap. Chris took Race One and then suffered mechanical failures(disconnects) allowing Big Fella to clean up the last two races. Some good battling went on mid pack after everyone had to take avoiding action when Brett got the cold tire wobbles race after race on turns two and three.

Mudd303 put in some good performances and some great battles went on between Dex, Mudd303 and Brett who made too many mistakes and threw away some good points.

After a DNF for Fulch a 2nd and 3rd were grabbed. Welcome back Fulch.

Great racing all and with a good field size to start the night. Where will we be this Friday? 


During last week's racing a few comments were still coming through that we didnít need to hear. A few people said it was a little off putting. It wasnít over excessive but I had the thought of reversing the chat setup so that you must push to talk to address racing situations (gordini channel) but use voice activation just for the frequent chatters. Just a thought and Iím not even sure if this is possible or not.


There was a little confusion last round about an incident that took place in the final race at Mallory Park which needs some addressing.

When hit, a driver needs to make a clear call then and there as to if he thinks the incident needs addressing. All the suspected punter needs to do is then indicate yes I will address or no I won't. In the case of the answer being 'No', the punted driver must make it clear then, or immediately after the race, that he wishes the incident to be reviewed. All this needs doing in short direct statements so everyone can just get on with their racing including the two drivers involved. If you know you've done wrong just do the right thing and then you can get on with making up the distance lost.

Chris vs Dex Ė This was a very clear cut incident of Chris tapping Dexís rear end a few times till he spun. Chris should have addressed this without any prompting needed. On the night I did ask Dex if he wished this incident reviewed and his response at race end was 'No'. During our break there was some discussion and then after 10 minutes Dex was wanting the incident reviewed. We didnít do it. It was a decision made on fairness to all and the reasoning was if it was the first race of the night and we went back to review it then all the grids and race results would be effected. We must treat the last race the same as the first or the second so racing incidents for review must be reported straight away or immediately after the race.

Letís get these situations over and done with quickly and spend more time enjoying the good points of the night's racing.


Itís great to be in the championship hunt but for those who have missed races, joined late or are just interested in how they are rating compared with other drivers, here are some stats that we havenít yet published on the web site. Firsts, seconds and thirds for both rounds and races. Points average per race. Bonus points and DNFís. These are done after each round and shall be published in the Great Gordini News unless we can get them onto the web site another way. More to come.

Great Gordini News

Issue 1 - 2008


Laughs at Big Fellaís pink Viagra Gordini were silenced after a good first two rounds. Big Fella took pole at Lienz and a win in the first two races as well as picking up a fastest lap along the way. At Laguna Seca Big Fella started off a little shaky taking a third and then progressing one position each race after that as well as picking up another fastest lap. Other drivers had varied results like Dex being out after one race with over heating, Chris fast despite cut outs and DaneSir and Elpronto jumping in and doing a good job without much if any practice. The night had its problems of one sort or another but all the racers were patient and still some good racing was had. Well done all.


A few drivers suffered DNFís and disconnects throughout the night. Drivers beware that any DNFís result in 0 points so it may be well worth limping home a damaged car. The stewards (me) made an error on the night when allowing a disconnect 2 turns from home to still be counted as a win when asked about it. It was clear Chris was going to win and in fairness to Chris the win was awarded when it shouldnít have been. The reasoning behind this is it shouldnít have been fairness to Chris but to all racers throughout the season. If it had been 5th position who was out we wouldnít have done it. If itís 3 corners from home should we do it or 4 corners, where would it stop? In fairness to all racers for the whole season you must cross the line and take the checkered flag to not get a DNF no matter what the reason. The next question was should we reverse the decision on the night? The answer is no. This is a once off and because Chris started the next race at the rear of grid I didnít see it fair to penalize him twice. All disconnects will be treated as DNFís from now on and are just like a mechanical breakdown in the real world which is unfortunate but part of racing.


Race 1 down and Dexís machine experiences overheating. What will we do? Never fear El Pronto is near! A big thanks to Paul for quickly getting us out of the garages and back onto the track. Great for you to also have a run with us. We had a great battle at Lienz which was close but clean the way it should be. On behalf of all drivers, thanks very much for the server and your continued provision of TeamSpeak.


Overall I feel it was a good night despite the server issues and losing Dex early on. Not all drivers attended but we did still pick-up another driver who quickly picked up the pace. Paul was a life saver by getting another server up in no time and also joining us for a few races. All drivers were very patient and worked to solve other issues especially Big Fella. The night was kept positive despite the many challenges and incidents of the night and I think all should be congratulated.

Good luck all, Traveling at Gord. Speed, Brett (BamZZ)



A few incidents on and off track had the stewards looking at a few replays.

All replays were viewed by Dex and myself and we came to the same conclusions on all incidents viewed. There are no punishments but just a few friendly reminders.

If you turn someone around, Ĺ around or shove them you arenít entitled to pass them and if so should re-address the situation. I saw 1 car go from 2nd in turn 1 to last due to this. It doesn't matter what corner, what lap or anything else any accidents must be addressed no matter how many places it cost you.

The track is the gray stuff between the white lines. At Lienz it was open season as to where you ran. Laguna Seca it wasnít yet a few drivers lap after lap ran over the white line, off the track to open up the corner entry and gain an advantage. The majority of the field all kept in the white lines and raced only using the track as intended. This isnít win at all costs racing and isnít in the Great Gordini Bash spirit. We have some nice tracks so letís race on them! There was even mention of this during practice where an offending driver promptly changed his habits and continued to drive on the track throughout the races as they should have, only to have others take advantage.

Although there were no accidents there were some close calls on drivers re-entering the track. If you are off the track for any reason remember you have no rights whatsoever when re-entering. Stop until itís safe if you have to which I did see one driver do (good work).

You may not block an approaching driver closing with you at higher speed. Corner rights are covered in the guidelines but Iím thinking they are being misunderstood. Overlap must be obtained before the car ahead starts to turn in other wise you have no rights when barge passing. We will all barge pass from time to time but must be aware that if we havenít achieved Ĺ a cars overlap before the car ahead turns in then we have no rights. Itís not Ĺ a cars over lap upon impact! We should all be thinking "Did the driver ahead see me? Is it safe or should I back off?" We have 5 laps and many corners and straights. Set up a pass! Just donít dive in the first hole you see. Check out how the driver ahead is driving, where they are strong or weak, if they are using different braking markers, turn in points, lines, etc. Be aware as a driver that we all make mistakes and just get on with the racing.

Not all incidents in car are what they seem when viewed in replays later on. Remember a driver may miss seeing you for a split second and it may have been the split second you took a dive up the side of them. Also if there are multiple cars maybe they were concentrating on another car and these are Gordiniís which do move around a bit and can become unsettled. Race wisely and safely. When re-dressing a situation you may continue on at a decent speed as long as the situation is addressed within one lap. There is no need to stop and let the other driver zoom by into the distance but it was great to see a situation addressed instantly as it should have been.

Drivers should not be telling others how to drive. If anyone needs a talking to let it be done by the stewards. When a racing incident needs to be viewed after a race only the 3 people reviewing it should comment on the situation. Last week saw comments about using mirrors, comments about leaving room and respect all triggered by one incident which when viewed was actually caused by the driver making the comments. It was all in the heat of the action and not nasty at all but only after the stewards look at an incident should comments be made about the incident. The driver in the right was so sorry for being in the way and asked me to review the situation and to exclude them if necessary. He should not be made to feel like this especially when he did nothing wrong at all.

We must all endeavour to conduct ourselves in the spirit of The Great Gordini Bash both on the track and in the pits.

Dexís points were discussed on the night also with some drivers suggesting that whatever points Paul got should go to Dex as they are felt to be of around the same ability. This sounded great at the time but would be unfair to other drivers later in the season if they had to drop out early and there was no one to drive in their place. So in fairness to all Dex gets his single race points and Paulís points are Paulís points.

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